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RFI Is Your Whole Food Nutrition Supplier

RFI’s journey began in the food industry and as we branched out into supplements, we didn’t leave the food ideas behind. Whole-food nutrition guides our formulation capabilities and remains top-of-mind.

Vertical networks guarantee traceability and sustainability. Because we contract-grow many of our raw materials and have excellent relationships with our farmers, we have full transparency into our supply chains.

Our ingredients are manufactured to remain as close as possible to how they’re found in nature. Additionally, ingredients are processed without the use harsh chemical solvents, unnecessary fillers or high heat, which helps safeguard their nutritional value.

Whole and clean-label foods contain more life-sustaining nutrients:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Phytonutrients
  • Micronutrients

“Nutrient dense food sits at an intersection of various consumer trends that are driving the food sector today.”
(NutraIngredients article published 11/15/21)

Whole Food, Clean Label Ingredients

Single Ingredients

Premix Blends
  • FermaPro® Fermented Organic Fruit & Vegetable Premix Blend
  • FermaPro® Fermented Grasses Premix Blend
  • Sourcestainable® Organic Greens Premix Blend
  • Sourcestainable® Organic Fruit Premix Blend
  • Sourcestainable® Organic Vegetable Premix Blend
  • Sourcestainable® Organic Fruit & Vegetable Premix Blend
  • Vegan Sourcestainable® Organic Protein Premix Blend