Substantiated Quality

e can help you determine the best delivery systems and packaging solutions while making your product stand out among the rest. Rely on our wide variety of capabilities and industry expertise to excel on-shelf while standing up to the test of time.

As part of our Blueprints for Health custom formulation and manufacturing service, we can help you create impactful marketing and label claims, too!

Delivery System Capabilities

    • Encapsulation (OG & Conv.)
    • Powder Fill (OG & Conv.)
    • Comprehensive Packaging Solutions
    • Quality Certifications


Encapsulation (Organic or Conventional)
    • Two-piece hard shell encapsulation – sizes 1, 0, 00
      • Automatic capsule filler
      • Semi-automatic filler
      • Focus on vegetarian, pullalan capsules
    • Capsule filling – in plastic (HDPE and PET) or glass bottles

Powder Fill (Organic or Conventional)
    • Powder filling and bottling (Organic or Conventional)
      • Plastic jars and canisters (HDPE and PET)
      • Glass bottles
      • Stand-up gusseted and re-sealable pouches
      • Single-serving packets
      • Composite/fiber and metal cans


Comprehensive Packaging Lines

    • Blending
    • Encapsulation and capsule filling (bottling)
    • Powder filling
    • Cotton and desiccant insertion
    • Metal detection and check weighing
    • Capping

    • Induction sealing
    • Labeling
    • Expiration/lot stamping (on bottle or label)
    • Shrink tunnel
    • Boxing


Quality and Certifications
    • Internal QA/QC/R&D, in-house labs including micro and shelf testing
    • Certifications: NSF-cGMP, USDA Organic (certified by QAI), Kosher, Halal, SQF Certified, Fair for Life – social and fair trade