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According to the Netherlands-based Innova Market Insights, the clean eating trend ranks as the dominant overarching theme in 2016, which will inspire a back-to-basics approach in product development and manufacturing of food, beverages and supplements.

Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights, stated in a recent webinar: “Health has become the halo over everything” for the coming year.

In November of 2015, Innova released its Top 10 Trends for 2016, of which eight were related to enhancing health. Here is summary of their list…


1) Organic Growth for Clean Label – Consumers want greater transparency along with simple products that contain few (or no) artificial ingredients. They want to easily recognize each item on the ingredient list as a real food ingredient. Products with “organic” or “GMO-free” positioning are showing the strongest growth in terms of NPD.

Did you know that RFI has one of the most extensive lines of certified organic, and non-GMO Project Verified (NGP) ingredients in the industry?


2) Free From for All – “Free from” represents the surge in demand for allergen-free and gluten-free products. This area of the market jumped from 7.9% of new product launches in 2013 up to 11.8% in 2015.

RFI has committed to creating entire product lines that are gluten-free and allergen-free. Our in-house, as well as independent third party laboratories, allow us to conduct extensive testing on our products and ensure your products truly “free from.”

innova Market Insights - Trends 2016


3) The “Flexitarian Effect” – This trend was defined by part-time vegetarians who are focused on reducing meat consumption due to increasing concern over animal welfare, environmental and long-term health impact.

RFI is the leader in providing vegetarian and vegan nutrition. Whether it’s our industry-leading greens or reds blend, micro algae, seaweed or our vegan protein blends, RFI has great vegetarian (and vegan) nutritional solutions to offer every nutrition enthusiast.


4) Processing the Natural Way – This trend embraces both traditional and new, clean technologies in food processing. In particular, this trend reinvigorates the ancient process of fermentation in both food and supplements—an area of specialty at RFI!

At RFI we are proudly undergoing a “retrovolution!” We are processing our products in the most traditional and minimalist manners possible, making sure we maintain the whole food concept as much as possible. Did you also know that RFI is a leader in fermentation and bringing one of the oldest food processing techniques to the whole food nutrition business? Click here to read more about our FermaPro® line of fermented ingredients and fermentation capabilities.


5) A Green Light for Vegetables – Green is still on-trend, yet consumers are calling for innovation in the way of vegetable-fusion products that mask both the flavor and aroma of green, health-focused foods for people of all ages. The point is to make green foods taste as delicious as possible without sacrificing health claims.

Through our “Blueprints for Health®,” RFI is the leading developer, formulator, manufacturer and marketer of greens (and reds) products.  Our formulas are nutritious and delicious!


6) Create a “Real” Link – Millennials want to know where their food comes from in addition to how it’s cultivated and produced. This trend emphasizes a brand’s ability to link a product to a back-story, so the end consumer feels connected to its source, which goes beyond certifications. In addition, regional or specialty foods have an advantage over generic staples.

According to Lou Ann Williams, “The number of brands claiming ‘made in’ or ‘ingredients from’ almost tripled between 2011 and 2015.”

Transparency is the name of the game and at RFI we work hard to create vertical networks where we control the supply chain “From Field to Formula®!”


7) Small Players, Big Ideas – A long time coming, millennials show a preference for small companies that pioneer new categories as well as those who are dedicated to artisanal, high-quality products.

Williams used the rise in kale as example when she stated: “If we look at kale, we separated out product launches that use kale as an ingredient, launches are being led by small companies. It has been on-trend and there is a lot of conversation in the media and consumer press surrounding kale and it is all influenced by small companies [that] have become though leaders. We need to watch small companies to see what they do next.”

RFI is a privately-owned and run business that has been built through a co-development partnership with its customer and supply partners. We collaborate fully to bring innovation and the personal touch to all that we do.


8) Beyond the Athlete – The benefits of protein and natural energy ingredients are now desirable to a wide variety of demographics—beyond elite athletes and health nuts. From busy parents and on-the-go adolescents to seniors looking for a boost, healthy living and performance-focused products have gone mainstream!

RFI is a leader in the development of vegetarian protein and greens blends, as well as the leading supplier of green energy products (many of which are certified organic). In addition, we are also leading in other areas of sports nutrition, designed to enhance the quality of life and performance of the warrior within all of us.


9) The Indulgence Alibi – Health-conscious consumers still love indulging in treats! Provide an excuse—an “indulgence alibi”—by using premium, healthy ingredients in smaller portions while focusing the marketing messages on health benefits.

“There will be a lot of change in portion size of these indulgence products as well as guilt-free indulgence, particularly dark chocolate,” says Williams.

We get it: Nutrition is great, but if the sensory experience isn’t great, why bother. We are in to satisfying indulgence with premium ingredients like Chocamine® while giving you a boost.


10) Tastes for New Experiences – Adventurous and well-traveled consumers, especially Millennials, are looking for cross-cultural foods and flavors that transport their senses away from everyday life and into uncharted territory, including combinations of non-traditional or experimental flavors.

In fact, Millennial Marketing (.com) reported that 40% of Millennials enjoy trying new ethnic cuisine. The key to a Millennials’ heart is now in the experience of foods just as much as nutrient density.

Exotic flavor combinations are not limited to foods of course; beverages can become more experiential as well! What’s even more exciting is that many botanical extracts and spices with international flavors possess robust health benefits—from energy and mental clarity to gut and heart health.

At RFI, we offer a diverse range of clean-label extracts, concentrates and powders that can be used in a variety of product applications. Our in-house applications lab will help you formulate and produce custom blends with ease. The sky is the limit, and we can even help you with health benefit marketing claims!

The world is big and diverse, why not take advantage all it has in sensory and nutritional options.  At RFI we scour the world for new flavors, nutritional options and trends.


Have an idea for a great product, but don’t know where to start? RFI can help! Read more about our Blueprints for Health® quick-to-market product formulation service and then give us a call: (845) 358-8600.




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