You simply cannot operate in the food, beverage and dietary supplement business without considering your impact on the environment. At RFI, we take this commitment very seriously.

Here are some of the ways we incorporate sustainability into what we do:

The greatest example of RFI’s commitment to sustainability is our vertically integrated supply chain—it’s at the root of our business model. RFI’s carefully cultivated networks serve both people and planet, and ensure that our high quality ingredients come from reliable and sustainable sources. And, we prioritize organic and fair trade ingredients when possible.

Sourcestainable Organics

For over 30 years, RFI has committed to producing organic raw materials for the food and supplement industries, and our comprehensive Sourcestainable Organics line of ingredients exemplifies this commitment. Sourcestainable ingredients are tightly controlled within our vertical network, from organic raw material cultivation and harvesting to extraction and processing, all the way through to our USDA Organic and NSF-certified blending and manufacturing facility.

Sourcestainable ingredients offer:

  • Reliability of supply quality, availability, and pricing
  • Benefits for people and planet
  • Socially conscious sourcing

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