March 8, 2023, Orangeburg NY: RFI, a leading provider of novel whole food solutions for the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage industries, is unveiling a new product under its FermaPro® line at the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace at Expo West, which takes place on Wednesday, March 8th.

FermaPro® Flax Lignan is produced using RFI’s proprietary fermentation process, which uniquely enhances the incredible array of compounds in flax, especially the lignans. In particular, fermentation increases secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) by 30%. SDG is the primary lignan in flax, which is converted by intestinal bacteria to the highly bioavailable lignans enterodiol (ED) and enterolactone (ET) and are associated with several health benefits.  

RFI’s FermaPro® process is capable of fermenting any dry material — including grains, grasses, seeds, botanicals, vegetables, and fruits — using a variety of health-promoting bacterial and yeast cultures. Fermentation provides numerous benefits, such as increased bioavailability of antioxidants, creation of metabolites, and alkalizing the body’s pH. 

RFI will be on site at booth F20 in the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace at Expo West on March 8th to explain the many other benefits of FermaPro® Flax Lignan. 

“We are bringing some true innovation to the flax category with FermaPro® Flax Lignan, a product with significantly enhanced lignan content and prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic properties,” said Paul Altaffer, Chief Innovation Officer, RFI. “We envision numerous applications for this product given its health benefits, versatility, and clean-label attributes.”




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