October, 18, 2023, Orangeburg NY: RFI, a leading provider of novel whole food solutions for the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage industries has applied its FermaPro® technology to unlock the polyphenol potential of berries. FermaPro® Berries boosts the polyphenol content in berry powders, well beyond what exists in traditional berry powders today.

Polyphenols are natural compounds found in various plants, celebrated for their antioxidant properties and diverse health benefits. RFI’s innovative approach not only elevates the nutritional value of berries but also opens up new opportunities for applications in the food, beverage, and dietary supplement markets.

Why polyphenols? Scientific literature abounds with evidence of the health benefits associated with polyphenols, including their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cardiovascular protective effects. These attributes render polyphenols an attractive target for dietary supplementation and functional food development.

RFI’s FermaPro® proprietary fermentation process is a meticulously engineered, multi-step method that integrates carefully selected microorganisms, optimized environmental conditions, and precise control of fermentation parameters.

“During fermentation, microorganisms engage with the berry substrate, resulting in diverse chemical transformation that yields heightened polyphenol content. These changes include enzymatic modifications, the breakdown of complex compounds, and in some cases the synthesis of more bioavailable polyphenolic compounds,” said Paul Altaffer, Chief Innovation Officer, RFI Ingredients. “Consequently, the final product boasts superior polyphenol content and bioavailability compared to traditional dried powder.”

“RFI’s research includes quantitative analysis of polyphenol content, assessment of antioxidant activity, and evaluations of shelf-life stability and product quality,” Altaffer added. “Preliminary results demonstrate a 60% increase in total polyphenols in berries fermented with our proprietary process.”

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