At RFI, our research and development ideology is anchored in the process of taking a product to market, from start to finish. We offer full turnkey support—from the sourcing, development, and manufacture of a product, to supporting your marketing and getting the product shelf-ready. Whether you need help for just one step, or throughout the entire process, RFI has the expertise to help you launch a product your customers will love.

Start with Sourcing

Sourcing ingredients is one of our strengths, given our excellent supplier relationships and contract growers. From Canadian alfalfa to Brazilian yerba mate, our supplier relationships ensure good sourcing opportunities for only the highest quality ingredients.

One central pillar of our sourcing philosophy is prioritizing whole food nutrition. This means using raw ingredients that are minimally processed to retain the essential qualities of each plant, just as Mother Nature made it.

Not all manufacturers take this approach, which means the products they manufacture have been substantially changed from the botanical’s original form. At RFI, we know that the best nutrition comes from the original plant, and this mindset guides our new product development.

Product Design and Manufacturing

For years, RFI has been at the forefront of trends in the nutritional and dietary supplement space, and this insight guides our approach to product design and formulation. Examples of RFI’s cutting-edge product development include the fermentation of plant-based products and the introduction of yerba mate into the mainstream.

The final step of the R&D process includes RFI’s diverse manufacturing capabilities. Our large manufacturing facility in Broomfield, Colorado houses manufacturing lines for liquid extraction, encapsulation and bottling, pouching, and liquid bottling. Our analytical testing lab, flavor and sensory team, regulatory and marketing experts, and others ensure that the finished product meets all of your goals.