Clinically-proven for Performance and Recovery

Recoverben® is a high quality, sustainable and organic food ingredient, clinically-proven to improve recovery after exercise, and thereby supporting physical performance and motivation, as well as helping to prevent overtraining. It is a 100% extract of lemon verbena (Aloysia citriodora), an annual edible herb native to Europe and South America.

In vitro studies demonstrated that Recoverben® helps to support a healthy inflammatory response.

Incorporate the 400 mg serving into supplements, food and beverages. It has a pleasant lemon-link taste and is easily dissolved in water!

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A Human Clinical Study supports that Recoverben®

    • Reduces muscle strength loss after physical exercise as measured by Maximum Voluntary Contraction (MVC)
    • Shortens recovery time
    • Full recovery after 48 hours compared to placebo
    • Reduces muscle soreness
    • Reduces muscle damage as measured by creatine kinase levels
    • Improves GPx levels in plasma directly after exercise, a measure of the body’s antioxidant defense

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