e offer a robust selection of efficacious natural botanical extracts, functional tea extracts and standardized phytonutrients, perfect for use in functional foods, beverages and nutraceutical applications.

Our vertically integrated network of high quality, sustainable ingredients bridges the gap between our client and supplier partners. Over many years of doing business, we have nurtured relationships with the absolute best farms and producers to ensure consistent quality, availability, transparency and pricing.




    • Acerola Cherry Extract
    • Apple Extract
    • Bilberry Extract
    • Black Currant Extract
    • Blueberry Extract

      • Goji Berry Extract
      • Grape Seed Extract
      • Grape Skin Extract
      • Green Coffee Extract
      • Guarana Extract

        • Hawthorn Berry Extract
        • Milk Thistle Extract
        • Mycelium Mushroom Powders (Cordyceps, Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake)
        • Mycelium Mushroom Blends

        • Panax ginseng Extract
        • Plum Extract
        • Pomegranate Extract
        • Rhodiola Rosea Extract
        • Yerba Mate Extract


Tea Extracts and Instant Teas

Instant Teas

        • Instant Green Tea
        • Instant Black Tea

Tea Extracts

        • Green Tea Extract
        • White Tea Extract


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