Quality in Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art, domestic manufacturing facilities and experienced applications team can help you formulate, produce and package dietary supplement, functional food and beverage products with less cost and with less lead time than typical co-manufacturers.

In addition, our facilities meet and exceed all regulatory standards—domestic and international—and we even have a full microbiological lab in-house.

If you are looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, full-service partner that offers full traceability, QC/QA support and key regulatory certifications, give us a call today.


We believe that an excellent manufacturing company begins with its ingredient sources, long before anything moves into production. With that in mind, we have conscientiously created relationships with high-quality farms and producers. Many of our ingredients originate in our own fields!

We call this structure a “vertical network,” since we’re involved in the process, from seed to final product. The vertical network keeps our values at the top: organic ingredients that are as unchanged from their natural state as possible (i.e., whole food nutrition).

  • Sustainably-farmed organic and conventional ingredients
  • Worldwide sourcing partnerships for seasonally farmed ingredients


  • Drum drying in-house
  • Air drying
  • Freeze drying


Our Process

We have developed a proprietary counter-current process for all our liquid extractions. This process produces concentrated extracts with superior flavor, which is unmatched by other food manufacturers.

Our particular specialization is in botanical extracts. The flavorful solids are extracted using a variety of solvents:

  • Water
  • Ethanol – organic or conventional
  • Propylene glycol USP
  • Glycerin – organic or conventional

Liquid Blends & Formulations

We blend and bottle a variety of liquids, in sizes 1-16oz.

  • Syrups
  • Bitters
  • Tinctures


Fermentation has been an important part of RFI’s success and the reason we’re well-known in the industry for our products that use cereal grasses, spirulina, and chlorella.

We have also innovated the fermentation of new ingredients, including beet and turmeric. These ingredients are growing in popularity among consumers, and our ability to provide these ingredients keeps our customers at the top of the market.

  • FermaPro® – Our line of fermented ingredients
  • Custom fermentation – grains, grasses, seeds, botanicals, vegetables and fruits


Milling is an essential step in cooking, since it grinds down various cereal grasses, corn, and oats so they can be cooked and eaten. Ground grain was one of civilization’s earliest foods, in fact. People combined ground grain with yeast, milk, and various flavors to create the first breads. Here at RFI Ingredients, we mill many of our cereal grasses after fermenting them, to increase their bioavailability and make them easier to digest.

We have four large blenders, which thoroughly blend and mix any product. We also sieve and metal detect all products, as an additional measure of caution before the products are encapsulated or bottled. Here are some examples of products that we’ve blended to create a product that can be bottled:
  • Spirulina + chlorella + rice bran
  • Carrot + tomato + fruit blend
  • Spinach + milk thistle + beetroot + others

Granulation & Roller Compaction
A recent equipment addition to the RFI manufacturing facility is our granulation and roller compaction units. With this equipment, we can take powder or fine material and turn it into larger material, even flakes. We do this using roller compaction (instead of slugging), since the end result is more uniform in size and weight. A consistent size will improve the texture, consistency, and flavor of the product. Granulation is particularly well-suited to botanicals. Often, the process makes the product easier to encapsulate, since we’re working with a heavier, more solid ingredient instead of a fine powder.


Encapsulation and bottling have been at the heart of our capabilities, ever since we opened our doors in 1989. We have grown these portions multiple times over the years, especially when we moved to our larger facility in Broomfield, Colorado.

Two-piece hard shell encapsulation

  • Certified organic capsules now available

Capsule & powder fill – organic & conventional

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic jars and canisters (HDPE and PET)
  • Glass bottles
  • Stand-up gusseted and re-sealable pouches
  • Single-serving packets

Liquid Fill

  • 1-16oz (with more sizes added soon)
  • Plastic & glass bottles
    • Tinctures, syrups, and more
    • Shelf stable


  • Powder filling
  • Encapsulation
  • Cotton and desiccant insertion
  • Metal detection and check weighing
  • Capping
  • Induction sealing
  • Labeling
  • Expiration/lot stamping (on bottle or label)
  • Shrink tunnel
  • Boxing
  • Shrink labeling

Manufacturing Quality Through Testing

RFI Ingredients has our own internal QA/QC and in-house labs. These labs include the option for microbiological testing.

This in-house testing cuts down on wait times significantly. Unlike other food manufacturers, we don’t have to send materials to outside labs and wait for the results. We can test in-house to keep your project on track!

Visit our Quality page HERE to learn more about our thorough testing.


Certifications are important at RFI so that we can create the right product for your target audience. They speak to the quality and integrity of our bulk ingredients and finished products. Our regulatory and QA teams work hard to ensure our certifications are current and active.