Sourcestainable® represents our commitment to offering sustainable organic ingredients. At RFI, the word “sustainable” means two things:

  1. A rigorous supplier qualification process, which assures high quality ingredients that come from reliable sources.
  2. A vertical network that serves both people and planet, including but not limited to both USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified ingredients.


Organic Solutions

Sourcing organic raw materials can be extremely challenging, marked by supply, price, and quality shifts. RFI benefits from a network of organic farming relationships that help us ensure a stable, sustainable, and quality supply of organic raw materials.

How? We have control over every step of the supply chain, from organic raw material cultivation and harvesting all the way through processing—resulting in high quality ingredients you can count on in your products.

Sourcestainable® ingredients include:

  • Fruit extracts and powders
  • Liquid extracts
  • Vegetable and botanical powders
  • Cereal grasses and algae