xyPhyte® is a proprietary line of whole-food-derived antioxidant single ingredients and blends derived from fruits and teas.

RFI is the first and only manufacturer to test ORAC value and standardize antioxidant ingredients and blends to efficacious marker compounds—not just once, but every single batch.

Is your antioxidant puzzle complete?

    • ORAC Values
    • Marker Compounds
    • Claims Substantiation
    • Bioavailability
    • Cellular Uptake & Activity
    • Condition-Specific Targets
    • Clinical Trials
    • Versatile Final Applications
    • Whole-Food-Derived


OxyPhyte® Ingredients

    • Apple 75% polyphenols
    • Organic Apple 50% polyphenols
    • Black Currant 36% anthocyanins
    • Blueberry Powder 30% phenolics, 12% anthocyanins
    • Grape Concentrate 12% anthocyanins

    • Grape Seed 95% polyphenols
    • Grape Skin 40% polyphenols, 10% resveratrol
    • Green Tea 90% polyphenols/80% catechins/40% EGCG Heart Blend
    • Ultra Blend
    • White Tea 90% polyphenols

Guaranteed ORAC Values

While ORAC value is only one piece of the antioxidant puzzle, we test each batch for ORAC value as a quality control measure—to assure that our client-partners are getting the absolute best quality that nature can provide.


Standardized Marker Compounds

OxyPhyte® Antioxidants are standardized and guaranteed for quality, allowing you to make active compound claims:

    • Polyphenols
    • Catechins
    • Resveratrol
    • Anthocyanins

Dependable Claims Substantiation

We guarantee the quality of OxyPhyte® ingredients and have the data to prove it! All of our antioxidant-capacity claims are backed-up by ORAC values and marker content on each COA.



Our OxyPhyte® Ultra Blend has confirmed bioavailability with human volunteers.

In this preliminary study:

  • The baseline ORAC level of blood serum was measured in subjects prior to ingesting 400 mg of OxyPhyte® Ultra (approximately 3600 ORAC units).
  • After consumption, blood serum ORAC was measured after 30 minutes, then again after one hour.
  • Peak blood ORAC levels compared to baseline Increased up to 32% (average was 12%), providing evidence that OxyPhyte® is absorbed into the blood and supports the antioxidant capacity of blood plasma.

See the full preliminary study HERE.


Average increase in plasma ORAC levels after ingesting OxyPhyte® Ultra


Cellular Uptake & Activity

The Cell-based Antioxidant protection in Erythrocytes (CAP-e) is an ex-vivo assay that confirms the cellular uptake potential of an antioxidant, which provides a piece of the antioxidant puzzle not predicted by ORAC.

CAP-e results for OxyPhyte® Antioxidants show that each ingredient has cellar bioavailability and supports healthy redox reactions within cells.

Condition-Specific Targets

Confidently use OxyPhyte® Antioxidants to make condition-specific structure/function claims in the following categories:

    • Anti-aging
    • Immunity
    • Sports Nutrition

    • Cardiovascular Health
    • Eye Health
    • Beauty “From Within”

    • Weight Management

Also Available: Collaborative clinical testing on custom blends!
Versatile Final Applications

Count on OxyPhyte® to deliver the powerful health benefits of plant-based antioxidants in your clean label products, from dietary supplements and functional foods to healthy beverages and beyond!

OxyPhyte® Antioxidants are water-soluble and suitable for most functional food, clean label applications, such as:

    • Instant drinks
    • Fortified waters
    • Teas

    • Powdered greens, reds, superfoods and proteins
    • Shots
    • Dairy products

    • Chews and gummies
    • Effervescents
    • Nutritional bars


Download the OxyPhyte Technical Sheet Here.

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