Eyedropper with brown tincture bottle and mint

Liquid Extracts

We use a proprietary counter-current extraction technology called Dynamic Liquid/Solid Extraction™ (DL/SE™) to gently produce liquid extracts and concentrates that are full-flavored, fresh and distinctive.

The DL/SE™ extraction technology was developed to produce highly concentrated flavors, antioxidants and botanical extracts using minimal solvent. This process eliminates the need for further thermal concentration, which normally degrades important phytochemicals or drives off essential top notes.

Our high-quality DL/SE™ Extracts and Concentrates are perfect for use in food, beverage and nutraceutical applications—where flavor and botanical marker content matters most!


  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Chamomile
  • Passionflower
  • Elder Flower
  • Hawthorn
  • Mint
  • Elderberry
  • Aronia Berry
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Ceylon Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Hibiscus
  • Oak Chip
  • Brewed Yerba Mate
  • Roasted Yerba Mate

All items are available in organic and conventional forms. Reach out to our experienced sales team for details!


In the last couple years, RFI Ingredients has been pouring (pun intended!) lots of energy and development into our liquid manufacturing capacity. We see the future in liquids and are rising to meet the challenge.

In 2020, we added a liquid bottling line. This means that we can provide end-to-end service for all our customers, whether they want a final product that’s powdered or liquid. The bottling line ranges from 4 ounce tincture bottles to 16 ounce drink bottles.

We have established recipes for syrups, tinctures, bitters, and more. We can also do a variety of custom blends to ensure that your product stands out among the competition.

We can also manufacture custom extracts made from a variety of dried raw materials using a number of food-grade solvent systems. Depending on the solvent and raw material used, products may be labeled natural flavor, brew or infusion.

Have an Idea for a Product?

We will help you bring it to market! BluePrints for Health® is our quick-to-market solution for custom products and turnkey solutions. Our diverse range of services will streamline the entire development, manufacturing and marketing process, saving you money, time and a whole lot of hassle.