anax ginseng has been used medicinally for over 5000 years and is considered a fundamental tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the world’s most powerful adaptogenic herb, ginseng has remarkable capacity to support the body in achieving natural homeostatic balance.

Panax ginseng

    • Assists the body in managing everyday stress
    • Supports the body’s ability to resist fatigue
    • Promotes healthy aging and overall wellness

Not All Ginseng Is the Same

The unique active compounds found only in Panax ginseng are plant saponins called ginsenosides. Other “ginseng” plants—Siberian, Prince, Indian and Brazilian—are not true ginsengs because they lack the ginsenoside compounds.

Among true Panax ginseng extracts, the quality and efficacy may vary a great deal due to harvest time and processing methods. And then there is the issue of bioavailability: Orally consumed ginsenosides are very hard to break down with gastric juices or liver enzymes alone. However, when the ginsenosides reach the intestinal tract, they are fermented in the colon into metabolites that are more bioavailable. But how well this process works varies amongst individuals because it is dependent on their gut microflora.

GS15-4™ is produced through a fermentation process that transforms the ginsenosides into these end-stage metabolites, mimicking the fermentation environment of the colon. This transformation has been clinically proven to provide 15 times increased absorption, 4 times faster absorption, and 4 times more consistent absorption—with a better taste profile than conventional ginseng extracts.

GS15-4™ — Evolved Ginseng for the Natural Ingredient Market

GS15-4™, “the 21st-Century Ginseng Extract,” is produced using a patented breakthrough technology that leverages enzyme fermentation to produce a completely balanced ginseng extract in its end-stage metabolite form, which research has shown is most bioavailable.

In other words – we create a balanced ginseng extract using fermentation. Research has repeatedly shown that fermentation improves the bioavailability of an ingredient, meaning the body can more easily digest and use the ingredient or plant. See the page on our product FermaPro & Custom Fermentation for further details about the benefits of fermented foods.

Our superior process includes

    • Harvesting at optimal time
    • Using the whole root – no peeling
    • Proprietary vacuum extraction
    • Patented enzyme fermentation

Improved absorption means faster adaptogenic support for stress and fatigue.


Versatile Product Development Capabilities

GS15-4™ can be used in a variety of applications—beverages, snack bars, confections, dietary supplements, pouched ingredients, and powdered drinks.

You can use GS15-4™ in a variety of applications, including

    • Energy & endurance
    • Adaptogen
    • Sports nutrition
    • Focus & cognitive clarity
    • Wellness & anti-aging

Capitalize on the world’s most efficacious and balancing ginseng extract, GS15-4™, using our Blueprints for Health® program, a quick-to-market product service!

For more information about GS15-4™, download our Technical Bulletin and Caffeine-Free Energy White Paper .