Chocamine® is a cocoa-based ingredients that delivers the best of chocolate – its taste, aroma, and health benefits – without its negative side. We have been able to isolate the health benefits of chocolate, from a variety of constituents, and deliver them all:

  • Energy, endurance, and stamina
  • Mental acuity & concentration
  • Mood & outlook
  • Cravings & satisfaction
  • Healthy circulation
  • Theobromine (standardized)
  • Amino acids
  • Nutritious minerals
  • Biogenic amines
  • Anandamides
  • Polyphenols


Theobromine is the energizing compound found naturally in cocoa. It offers a nourishing energy boost that is more sustained than the crash-and-burn energy from caffeine. Both theobromine and caffeine are xanthine alkaloids but the similarities end there.

Some advantages of theobromine:

  • A milder stimulant effect, resulting in jitter-free energy
  • A longer half-life in the body, providing longer-lasting energy
  • Affects sleep less than caffeine does
  • Is less addictive than caffeine
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Results of Clinical Studies with Chocamine® for Improved Focus, Concentration and Short-Term Memory


Assessment Tool: Audio-Visual Multi-processing Test (AVMT)
Dosage: 1000 mg Chocamine®
Results: The data from the AVMT studies show that consuming Chocamine® resulted in improved ability to react quickly to alternating auditory and visual commands and improved ability to ignore interfering auditory commands while remaining focused on a visual task.
Chocamine Studies Chart


Assessment Tool: IMPACT™ Cognitive Assessment − a prominent neurocognitive research tool used by scientists in the field of neuropsychology, particularly to measure the impact of odor, flavor and the stimulation of other chemical senses.
Dosage: 1000 mg Chocamine®

  • Significant improvement in test assessing short-term memory and visual-motor response speed
  • Up to 39% improvement after Chocamine® consumption
  • Up to 49% improvement after Chocamine® Plus consumption (with added caffeine)
  • Positive trends in tests assessing reaction time and impulse control/response inhibition


Chocamine® was formulated for use in a variety of applications—from beverages, bars and confections to dietary supplements and powdered drinks. The primary markets for Chocamine® include:

  • Energy & endurance
  • Sports nutrition
  • Cognitive formulas
  • Wellness & anti-aging
  • Weight management
  • Heart health

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