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2015 has been a banner year for the natural product industry! Consumers are demanding high-quality products now more than ever—ones with pronounceable ingredients that are easily recognized as real food, rather than a long list of 16-letter words. Even large CPGs are getting in on the action, eager to carve out a slice of the healthy/organic foods market for themselves.

While the natural sector grows, some of the bigger brands are scrambling to innovate and stay afloat as conventional shopper preferences move away from weight loss and into new health paradigms focused on satiety, positive nutrition and “goodness” foods.

For instance, earlier this year…

  • General Mills announced a commitment to remove flavors and colors from artificial sources in their cereals, including long-standing products such as Lucky Charms.
  • Following the General Mills announcement, Kellogg Co.—who experienced a 44% earnings plunge in 2014 due to changing consumer preferences—vowed to remove artificial colors and flavors from their cereals as well as some snack bars and frozen products by the end of 2018.
  • Nestle also stated that artificial flavors and colors will be removed from candy by the end of 2015.


Those are BIG promises from brands with already-established market presence—they want a slice of our pie!

The competition is about to get fierce.

In 2016, we expect to see a fast-paced race toward reformulations and rebrands that embrace natural colors and flavors. Do you have products that need reformulations? If so, connect with us [needs link to ‘connect with us’ form] so that we may introduce you to our ChromaPhyte® line of natural, safe and clean-label colors for use in foods, beverages and dietary supplements.


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Another strong trend for 2016 is being driven by the Millennials and their love of novel foods with international roots and unique flavor combinations. In fact, Millennial Marketing (.com) reported that 40% of Millennials enjoy trying new ethnic cuisine. The key to Millennials’ hearts—and grocery cart—is now in the experience of foods just as much as nutrient density.

Exotic flavor combinations are not limited to foods of course; beverages can become more experiential as well! What’s even more exciting is that many botanical extracts and spices with international flavors possess robust health benefits as well—from energy and mental clarity to gut and heart health. At RFI, we offer a diverse range of clean-label extracts, concentrates and powders that can be used in a variety of product applications. We can even help you with health benefit marketing claims!

Have an idea for a custom formula? We can help you bring it to market!

Our in-house applications lab will help you formulate and produce custom blends with ease. The sky is the limit! Visit our Blueprints for Health® page to learn more.


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