RFI is an expert in formulating delivery systems for optimal bioavailability, for both blends and individual ingredient formulations.


RFI’s proprietary counter-current extraction process delivers best-in-class liquid extracts, brews, and concentrates. Our natural brewing process, specifically, yields concentrated extracts with superior flavor and unmatched functionality. And we use a variety of solvents—water, organic and conventional ethanol, organic and conventional glycerin, and propylene glycol USP—to achieve a range of viscosities and concentrates from syrups to bitters to tinctures.

Two-piece hard shell encapsulation

Encapsulation has been at the heart of RFI’s capabilities ever since we opened our first manufacturing facility over 20 years ago. Today, RFI is the expert in encapsulation, including but not limited to certified organic capsules.


From sports nutrition to greens, RFI formulates powders with effective absorption and a great taste—and none of the chalkiness.