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Supply Chain Traceability at RFI
In a previous blog, we discussed the evolution occurring within the dietary supplement regulatory environment post-NY Attorney General. While the botanical identity testing methods used in the NY AG case are important to consider and discuss, these testing outcomes are not the end-all-be-all when it comes to quality assurance. We can all agree that reestablishing ...
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Plant-Based Proteins
Veganism is defined as a plant-based diet/lifestyle that abstains from consuming any and all animal products and/or byproducts. As opposed to vegetarians, who abstain from consuming animal muscle protein, vegans do not consume or use any animal derivatives whatsoever, including butter, honey and even beeswax. A decade ago, veganism was primarily focused on the desire ...
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Nitric Oxide for Healthy Blood Flow
The sports nutrition market in the US is estimated at $5.9 billion per year. Just behind proteins, energy and endurance-boosting products are the second largest-grossing category. Products that support healthy nitric oxide levels are at the top of the list.   What is Nitric Oxide? Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator that is produced by ...
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Chocolate is the MOST craved food in the world, and for good reason!   More than just a delightful sensory experience, the alluring cocoa bean delivers myriad health benefits, such as healthy energy and cognitive acuity plus mood and cardiovascular support—-all in one tasty package!   Chocolate contains a variety of health-promoting constituents: Theobromine – ...
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