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Re-building Consumer Trust in the Dietary Supplement Industry
As Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”   Has negative press cast a shadow on the dietary supplement industry? Absolutely, and most of the recent industry conferences have placed a spotlight on this major issue. This past June, the NBJ (Nutrition Business Journal) Summit ...
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Cognition, or the ability to think, understand, problem-solve, learn and remember, is an impactful part of the human experience and quality of life, from birth on through the entire lifespan. Once imagined as fixed and unchangeable, similar to eye color, we now know that cognition can be infinitely improved and enhanced at any stage of ...
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In the wake of the NY AG’s 2015 case against four major retailers of botanical dietary supplements and the additional AG settlement that followed, there is a great deal of polarized discussion surrounding the regulatory state of the dietary supplement industry. Miss the stories? Catch up here and here. Many stakeholders believe that the best ...
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Chocolate is the MOST craved food in the world, and for good reason!   More than just a delightful sensory experience, the alluring cocoa bean delivers myriad health benefits, such as healthy energy and cognitive acuity plus mood and cardiovascular support—-all in one tasty package!   Chocolate contains a variety of health-promoting constituents: Theobromine – ...
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