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Careflow™ – The Innovation for Healthy Metabolic Aging

areless™ is the first scientifically-proven and IP-protected ingredient to help people care less about aging and body weight, while delivering the great taste of mango!

Careflow has been shown in a human study to support improved blood flow and to increase eNOS (endothelial nitric oxide synthase) for optimal nitric oxide function.

By activating the SIRT 1 enzyme, Careflow™ also mimics caloric restriction, which has been shown to be one of the most effective means for slowing the pace of aging.

Because SIRT 1 is the master sensor that detects dietary intake and modulates metabolic processes, Careflow™ detects dietary intake and modulates metabolic processes which promotes energy homeostasis and cell protection.


Careflow™ is a high quality, sustainable ingredient that is ideal for the following concepts:

    • Healthy body composition
    • Improvement of physical energy and muscle mass
    • Cell protection and DNA repair
    • Supports the aging heart
    • Promotes healthy blood flow
    • Supports healthy nitric oxide function

Use Careflow™ in dietary supplements, foods, beverages and/or functional foods at a recommended serving of 100 mg/d.

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