Bluenesse® – The Innovation for Cognitive Performance

emory changes can be frustrating, but thanks to research, there are strategies to help protect and sharpen our minds.

Bluenesse® is a proprietary Melissa officinalis leaf extract, standardized on muscarinic M1 receptor affinity and rosmarinic acid, that was developed to support cognitive performance.

In vitro, human studies and phytochemical investigation have confirmed that Bluenesse® supports:

    • Alertness / concentration / mental focus
    • Working memory
    • A calm, positive mood
    • Ability to cope with occasional stress
    • Improvement of age-related cognitive function

Download the Bluenesse® Sell Sheet.

Incorporate the 300 mg serving into supplements, food and beverages.

Bluenesse® can be taken on demand. Effects are realized within one hour and are still measurable after three hours.

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