Why RFI?

Since 1989, RFI has been developing and manufacturing innovative natural ingredients, custom blended formulas and turnkey products for the nutritional, dietary supplement, food, functional food, and beverage industries.

Quality, timeliness, and service are the keys to our success and continued growth. Whether you want to take advantage of our pool of knowledge and experience to develop a new product, improve current products or consolidate sourcing with product development and manufacturing … RFI has solutions for you.

RFI Ingredients uses the principle of whole food nutrition – using plants in their original form as much as possible. We call it From Field to Formula®.

7 key factors set RFI apart from typical co-manufacturers


Our vertically integrated network of high quality, sustainable ingredients bridges the gap between our client and supplier partners. Over many years of doing business, we have nurtured relationships with the best farms and producers to ensure consistent quality, availability, pricing and peace of mind for you, our client-partner

  • Fully transparent supply chain that is reliable and sustainable
  • One-stop approach to sourcing reduces costs and improves quality
  • Easier, convenient, and more efficient
  • Reduced lead-time and rapid scalability


We approach client relationships differently! Through intensive collaboration with our clients, we develop and offer the highest quality sustainable ingredients, custom blends, and turnkey products with application, formulation, marketing, and regulatory support. Together, we are here to ensure the success of your finished products. From Field to Formula®

  • Critical advice and support on product development, regulatory, and marketing claims as part of our Blueprints for Health®
  • Up-to-date on consumer trends
  • Truly your partner in innovation and success!


Our team has extensive experience and practical knowledge in functional foods and supplements. So when it comes to turning whole foods and supplement ingredients into functional food products that look and taste great, we are the experts. With an in-house team of applications, regulatory, and claim substantiation scientists, we have the tools to make your products functional and appealing.

  • Experts in food science technologies
  • Critical R&D, applications, and regulatory support
  • Expertise in converging emerging technologies of supplement and food sciences


Idea generation, product design, efficacy, regulatory, and marketing all share equal weight in the success of a new product launch. Does your brand have an on-staff expert in each one of these key areas? Most brands do not, so we created Blueprints for Health®, our quick-to-market custom products development and formulation service for turnkey, condition-specific formulas – to help our entrepreneurial client-partners avoid common hiccups on the journey from concept to market.

  • Turnkey and condition-specific product formulation
  • Custom blends with suggested claims support and nutritional/supplement facts
  • Market trends insight
  • Applications support
  • Encapsulation and bulk packaged materials
  • Marketing & claims support
  • A dedicated project manager, from concept to market


While we keep a finger on the pulse of current market and consumer trends, our client-partners truly guide the product development at RFI. Our expertise in manufacturing ingredient blends and products is a big advantage. We will work with you to design products that match your customer’s needs, wants, and values. As a result, most of our products are truly aligned with major consumer trends, including:

  • Clean label
  • Whole-food ingredients
  • Functional foods
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Low sugar
  • Gluten free
  • Fermented
  • Vegan & vegetarian
  • Biodynamic


Sustainability means two things at RFI: (1) the verticality of our supply chain assures that our high-quality ingredients come from reliable and sustainable sources. (2) Our vertical networks serve both people and planet, and we are committed to sourcing both organic and fair trade certified ingredients.

For over 30 years, RFI has been committed to producing organic raw materials for the food and supplement industries, and our comprehensive Sourcestainable® Organics line of ingredients exemplifies this commitment. Sourcestainable® ingredients are tightly controlled within our vertical network, from the organic raw material cultivation and harvesting to extraction and processing, all the way through to our OSDA organic- and NSF-certified blending and manufacturing facility.

  • Reliability of supply quality, availability, and pricing
  • Supports the well-being of people and planet
  • Socially conscious


At RFI, we consistently product safe and effective products that meet or exceed cGMP standards. Our high-tech manufacturing facilities maintain pertinent certifications and operate within those standards every day. Our in-house analytical, QA, and accredited microbiological lab take product safety above the norm, while bringing greater efficiency to the manufacturing process. The work of manufacturing ingredient blends and products cannot be possible without an intense safety program.

  • 100% product safety and confidence
  • In-house microbiological lab, analytics, and QA
  • cGMP to Dietary Supplement Rule
  • Certified organic
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMP Project verified
  • Fair for Life
  • SQF Level 2 Certified