In 1989, RFI Ingredients launched with a singular goal in mind: to provide innovative brands access to the world’s most efficacious and bioavailable whole food ingredients, tapping into the power of plants in their most original form. This Field to Formula approach has guided our business ever since, even as we expanded beyond ingredients to also provide custom blended formulations, turnkey products, and research and development support for the nutritional, dietary supplement, food, functional food, and beverage industries.

Whether you want to take advantage of our knowledge and experience to develop a new product, improve current offerings, or consolidate sourcing with product development and manufacturing, RFI has a solution for you.

Vertical Integration

Our vertically integrated network of high quality, sustainable ingredients bridges the gap between brands and suppliers. Over the decades, we have nurtured relationships with the best farms and producers to ensure consistent quality, availability, and pricing for easier, faster, and more efficient sourcing. And, our supply chain is fully transparent, reliable, and sustainable.

On Trend Offerings

RFI experts have their finger on the pulse of current market and consumer trends, offering our customers the most cutting edge product development in the market. We will work with you to design products that align with major consumer trends, including clean label, whole food, functional food, organic, non-GMO, low sugar, gluten-free, fermented, vegan, vegetarian, biodynamic, and more.

Your Comprehensive Partner

Here at RFI, we approach client relationships a bit differently. Through intensive collaboration, we help our customers develop and offer the highest quality sustainable products, by providing application, formulation, marketing, and regulatory support.

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